New Earth Visions

Pa Hanok

My New Earth Art.

Mirah Temple

My New Earth Art.

The Promise

Of Flight

Sacred An

My New Earth Art.

Ankh of Ascension

My New Earth Art.

Blue Star Kachina

New Earth Harbringer

Radiant Heart

Heart Ascension

Pangea - First Formation

The Beginning

Pangea Vieled


Pangea Skyward



New Earth

Pangea Orange World

Pangea Red mountains

Searching Pangea

Pangea - In the Midst


Tamar Narrows

Tamar Cones

Inner Earth

Akasha of Thoth

Eye of Horus

The Star Capstone

Feeding the Flame

The Crystal Bearer

The Initiate in one of her stages of Journey to Shambhala Here she is presenting herself as an emissary for the 13 Living Crystal Skull.. "Shambhala" in this context is the supreme state of ONENESS with all things. Google 13th Living Crystal Skull (on the Crystalline Matrix blog).

Child of the Divine Rays

Mari Magdalene and the Crux Anata